Jordan Is our amazing, motivating, friendly and passionate personal trainer. If you have fitness goals, want to shape up, lose weight, improve cardio or need help recovering from an injury,  Jordan is the one to help. She has a lovely manner, yet drives and pushes people to achieve their fitness goals. Jordan runs many of our classes here at TK Fitness come along and join in!


Hi i'm a level 5 qualified personal trainer and mum of 2 young children. I am passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals. I will tailor a fitness routine that works for you, helping you to achieve your goals in either the gym or in the comfort of your own home. I can offer individual or group P.T sessions, I am able to offer nutrition support to supplement your weight loss or muscle enhancement goals


Consultation - $30 (Gym members $20) 

30 min session - $30 (Gym members $25) 

60 min session - $50 (Gym members $45)


p:022 355 7370   e: 


Meet P.T trainer Jay -  I am a Level 4 and Level 5 qualified personal trainer who is determined to try and get you the results you desire. We can work together to customize your plan and eating habits to get you the best results possible. With your drive and my guidance, we can achieve whatever you put your mind to. 

Consultation - $30 (Gym Members $20)

30 min session - $30 (Gym Members $25)

60 min session - $60 (Gym Members $55)

However, if you sign with me for 4 weeks (at a minimum of one, 1 hour session per week) you will receive a free consultation and goal setting session, nutritional advice in accordance with NZ nutritional guidelines and a full 4 week program. I will support you through your 4 week journey and you will have free access to all group trainings that I instruct.

If you are interested in training for a specific sport, lets talk. 


Contact: 02102700361

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