Muscular Endurance Resistance Training

Many people would like to work out and take good care of their body, but not everyone knows where to start.
This is why we have put together a 10 step training check list for those who would like to train and strengthen their muscles.

  1. Warm Up and stretch all major muscle groups
  2. Decide on which muscle groups you will train
  3. Have a training partner/spotter
  4. Take into account your previous experience, current fitness, injuries and training focus
  5. Posture, seat height, correct technique
  6. Breath out for work phase, breath in on the relax
  7. For muscle endurance = low weights, high reps
  8. Start of easy and build up your training => apply “Progressive Overload”
  9. Start of doing 8 reps x 2 sets at a weight that is challenging, but manageable
  10. Always warm down and stretch afterwards

If you would like more tips or if you have any questions about your training, please don’t hesitate to ask our staff. We are here to help you.